Top 5 Air Conditioning Ideas of Fun Things to do with Kids

With the summer sun rising higher in the sky every day, the warmth outside is growing so much that you may often feel penned inside with your kids. If you are looking for some fun air conditioning ideas and engaging ways to keep your family entertained without getting too hot this summer, here are top 5 fun air conditioning ideas to try!

1. Indoor treasure hunt:

One way to keep kids entertained without even leaving the house is to have a homemade treasure hunt. Make a set of clues for each player, or have each player make a set of clues of their own and then swap. Consider using rhyming clues for small children to make it more fun. Each clue should lead to another clue, and so forth until the player arrives at the treasure. You can use boxes to hide your clues, and offer a small prize such as a toy or a sweet to the person who solves the riddles and wins the treasure first!

2. Create a family recipe book:

Another fun family project that is promised to eat up much time is to get the kids committed to creating a family recipe book. Not only will this be an exciting way to spend your afternoons during the summer, but will also teach your kids an important skill they will use when they move off to college or the work organization. Not only that, by the end of the summer your kids will have a big list of recipes they can use to make meals for the whole family! No more slaving away over a hot stove for Dad and Mom.

3. Indoor camping:

When it is too hot to go camping outside consider setting up indoors for a party and do camping. Give kids a variety of materials, bed sheets, rope, pieces of foam, cardboard boxes, or even an actual tent, and watch their creative instincts go wild as they build marvelous forts of their own. They will get a kick out of reading spooky campfire stories with a spotlight in their tents. Bonus points for setting up a picnic blanket with cheese, crackers, and apple slices!

4. Go to the library:

The Library is a great place to take the kids when it gets too heated outside for playing outside. Many libraries allow reading programs for kids during the summer that can be very helpful in instilling a lifelong love of reading in your children. They will get to make points and often win prizes the more books they read. Additionally, many libraries give story time for younger children. Beyond entertaining kids for a few hours giving them walk and read in the library, they often come home with hours of entertainment!

5. See a medieval exhibit:

For yet another educational event that will keep you cool is to take the family to a medieval entertainment show. Your kids will learn a lot about what life was like back in the middle ages as they see trained actors in period costume, dressed as noblemen and ladies of the court, or in shining metal armor as knights. They will love going to eat an authentic medieval meal with their hands while watching a real jousting exhibition right before their very eyes.

What ideas do you have?

What air conditioning ideas of fun things to do with kids do you do with your kids while beating the summer heat indoors?

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