Why the Buff Gym Fans are Less Healthy than they Think they Are

Everywhere you look whether it’s magazines, TV, or other sorts of advertisements like the internet, there are information and articles about fitness and health, and suggestions to what responsible people should do, health-wise. You can’t afford to wonder what the fuss is all about and wonder if you are giving it enough emphasis yourself. How many times do you think about the actions you do daily to contribute to your wellness? Most people know in their hearts that they have been leading unhealthy lifestyles and that’s why it is normal for most to look the other way rather than to talk about it more seriously.

Being healthy and fit are not the same things first of all. You can be fit, but you might not be that well. Being fit has a lot to do with a person’s tolerance of pain and their ability to endure certain strength training. Whereas a real person has a high immune system and has a healthy and balanced lifestyle therefore well people, don’t easily get sick and once they do, they recover much faster.

Given the fact that most individuals in the modern days are leading the hectic lifestyle, they give little attention to being fit, and healthy. Therefore, only a few people truly understand the meaning behind it and why it is important. It is amazing how few people know and understands what it takes to be fit and healthy. A lot of us go and think we can just work out at the gym and build the toned body to be healthy and forget to take care of our immune system and how well it is functioning. That’s why people don’t get it when they hit 40 years old and get diagnosed by their physicians as having many diseases, even though they’ve been hitting the gym their whole life.

It could be because they have been focusing only on building nice-looking bods or doing cardiovascular exercises to shred pounds, without looking after health or the purpose of exercise at a bigger picture.

The reality is that to be attractive one needs also to be healthy. It is human’s natural way to find partners is to look for healthy ones to mate with for healthier offspring. Moreover, most of us just get it all wrong by only exercising but neglecting the other aspects of self-maintenance; eating right, the stress controlling and getting enough sleep.

As well as the well being of the body and the spiritual well being is equally responsible for your overall health. It is simply put like this; whatever is in your mind, it is manifested into your reality. Taking care of your mind and controlling or eliminating stress can do significant benefits when it comes to pursuing longevity and quality life. That is why Yoga has become more and more popular and recommended by physicians who are well-informed of the holistic approach to better health and well being. It helps minimize many major health problems like how to lower cholesterol naturally and how to lessen hypertension problems just to name a few. In conclusion, being fit is good, but you have to be well, and this concerns all aspects like a good amount of exercise, right nutrition, and healthy state of mind.


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