Studded Condoms Perfect For Heightened Sensation

Condoms today are no longer limited to just the plain smooth types. It is because they also come now in the textured styles meant to increase sensation and pleasure during sexual intercourse. So who says you can’t enjoy an intimate sexual experience even with studded condoms?

Studded condoms are one of the textured styles available to sexually active adults these days. These are shaped and textured some having ribs on the condom’s top part and at the base. The ribbed portions are aimed at adding stimulation, especially for the females. If not the ribs, the other condoms have hundreds of raised studs or bumps on the outside part of the condom for the ultimate satisfaction of women and the inside to give pleasure to the males. As this type is aimed at providing mutual pleasure for partners, they are usually wider with a more contoured shaped and bulb-like tip.

For studded condoms, the three more known brands include that of Rough Rider, Beyond Seven, and Durex intense sensation.

Rough Rider:

The Rough Rider studded condoms are meant for the cowboys or those who like a bumpier ride, so to speak. Previously known as Contempo Rough Rider made by Ansell Corporation, this condom is of high quality with lubricant and reservoir tip. Moreover, what’s more, the studs are throughout the condom meaning from top to bottom and all around for extra sensation.

Rough Rider studded latex condoms are lubricated and natural colored with a reservoir end for continued comfort. This is the original studded condom ideal for partners who desire to add relish to their sexual experience. It has gained so much popularity that it is now known as an independent brand but with the same great style.

Beyond Seven:

Beyond Seven Studded condoms are made by Japan’s top manufacturer, Okamoto which also makes the Crown condoms. This is a highly favored condom primarily because of its thinness that creates a more natural feeling for users and their partners. Manufactured from the super thin sheerly material, this condom is robust and durable compared to the regular latex condom. Sheerlon provides a smoother and more natural feel, it nearly feels like second skin.

Beyond Seven studded super thin condoms have three inches of advanced studs for a great sensation. They are also lightly lubricated for added comfort. This brand has the edge because apart from the unique feeling it brings, users and their partners are also assured of protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Durex intense sensation:

This famous condom brand boasts of hundreds of studs arranged in rows for that ultimate sexual satisfaction for both men and women. It is made from latex rubber and oiled with silky smooth silicone to reduce friction.

Durex is a trusted name in condoms worldwide with more than 70 years of experience. Quality is a top priority of this company hence users can be sure that they’re using safe and durable condoms for their protection. Each condom goes through rigid electronic tests to ensure their reliability.

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