Top 3 Ways to Increase Seminal Fluid

If you are quite proud of your manhood, you would want to boast of your strength to have a voluminous ejaculation. Although this can be pure vanity, men do want to have more semen during ejaculation so as both to impress their spouses and to feel more masculine as well. Of course, some people want to increase semen volume to improve their chances of conceiving a baby for again too. Fortunately, there are natural ways to increase ejaculation volume.

Start with your Diet and Lifestyle:

Before you even resort to doing anything drastic, it’s better to check your food and your lifestyle first. For situation, excessive smoking and alcohol drinking is one obstacle for better ejaculation. If you want to increase ejaculation volume, you may demand to stop smoking and drinking. You should also reduce fat intake to increase ejaculation volume. Moreover, since semen is actually a protein, you have to have a high protein diet to increase sperm production for ejaculation during sexual activity.

Even though you would perhaps want to enjoy sex more, you would have to go for quality than quantity for a while. To increase ejaculation volume, it is recommended not to do sexual intercourse daily. Masturbation is not even suggested too. The often you climax the less will be available for ejaculation.

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Stress should be minimized if you want a better and a more satisfying sex life. Since stress is perceived to be a buster for semen production, you need to be more comfortable, and you need to have a calm atmosphere. To achieve this, you may want to listen to soothing music or relaxation ropes. Some even take up yoga or meditation for this.

1. Wear Loose Underwear:

Sometimes wearing too tight underwears limit the production of semen too. So if you want to improve ejaculation, you ought to wear an extra size bigger than your normal size. It is even advised that you wear boxers in order not to overheat your sexual organ. Vigorous blood circulation would also promote more semen production.

2. Massage Organic Oils:

To even increase more blood circulation, using organic massage oils is suggested. This would allow for more semen production and thus enable you to have a forceful and a very pleasant ejaculation at the end of the sexual act.

3. Take Semen Pills:

If you want, there are also many brands of pills sold in the market for this purpose. Made from natural components, you will be able to increase ejaculation volume safely. You will even get the benefit of improving overall sexual performance too.

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